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The Kennedy Compound

The Kennedy Compound

Despite its humble beginnings as a whaling and trading area, Cape Cod has evolved to accommodate some of the wealthiest and most famous people in the world. The cape’s historic and maritime culture along with ample beaches attract visitors year-round and provide a much needed escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of neighboring cities. Businessmen and […]

Cape Cod Landmarks

Famous Cape Cod Landmarks to Visit

A vacation to Cape Cod is a check off the bucket list of “Places to Go,” but once you arrive, where do you go to see the iconic lighthouses, fishermen, marine life and shorelines featured in magazines throughout the world? The opportunities for exploration and discovery on Cape Cod are truly endless, so allow us […]

Lower Cape Cod

About Lower Cape Cod

Can you identify Cape Cod on a map? If not, here’s a hint: it’s on the easternmost coast of Massachusetts, and it looks like a flexed arm with a clenched fist. Now, here’s your second challenge: identify Lower Cape Cod on a map. It may not be where you think it is, but here are […]

Cape Cod October Events

2014 Cape Cod October Events

This fall, the beautiful peninsula is full of interesting and exciting events. There is nothing better than participating in an event as leaves change to the vibrate colors of red and orange. As you are deciding where to take your fall trip, make sure you think about the beautiful countryside as well as all the […]

Cape Cod in the Fall

Cape Cod in the Fall: The Definition of Beauty

There is no greater breathtaking sight than Cape Cod in the fall! As the leaves change to the vibrate colors of red and orange, Cape Cod is the definition of beauty. When you are deciding where to spend your vacation this fall, think about the beautiful countryside and all the exciting festivities of the Cape. […]

Cape Cod Shark Adventures

Cape Cod Shark Adventures… If You Dare!

Do you dare take on the challenge of Cape Cod Shark Adventures? If you enjoy a little thrill, come visit us at Chatham Gables Inn and experience the excitement of one of the many Cape Cod Shark Adventures! The Cape’s waters are home to many species of sharks during the warmer months of the year. […]

Movies Filmed in Cape Cod

Movies Filmed in Cape Cod Over the Years

Cape Cod is a beautiful backdrop for any film! Many films have been shot on Cape Cod, including Summer Catch and Joe and Joe. Those are not the only great ones that feature the stunning scenery of Cape Cod. Pick a movie listed below and experience the Cape Cod surroundings from the comfort of your […]

July 2 4 Reasons to Visit The Cape Cod Museum of Art

4 Reasons to Visit The Cape Cod Museum of Art

If you are looking for a place to get a feeling for the art of the Cape Cod region while you are visiting, we know where you should begin!  When you come to stay at Chatham Gables Inn, you will have easy access to the Cape Cod Museum of Art, which is located less than […]

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