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getting to Nantucket

Getting to Nantucket from Chatham

When coming to the Cape Cod, there are many day trips and fun activities to choose from when deciding how to spend your time with us. We at Chatham Gables Inn love helping our guests not only figure out what to do while they are here but also help them get where they want to […]

Cape Cod Bay

5 Ways to Enjoy Cape Cod Bay

Planning a trip to Cape Cod? There are so many amazing things to do and see while you are here! Many love to stay and play on the outer coast near the Atlantic Ocean. However, why limit yourself to just one area? On the other side of the Cape Cod strip is a fantastic place, […]

towns in Cape Cod

Several Towns in Cape Cod Are Worth Checking Out

Cape Cod is a beautiful area at any time of year. There are so many towns in Cape Cod worth taking a drive to and exploring while you are here. It is best to give yourself a few days to be able to fully experience all what these towns in Cape Cod have to offer. […]

Chatham, Massachusetts

Chatham, Massachusetts: 6 Reasons to Visit

It’s obvious to see that we love our hometown of Chatham, Massachusetts. The beautiful coast and friendly neighbors makes this an ideal place to visit or to live. We at Chatham Gables Inn love helping our potential visitors navigate the ins and outs of our amazing town and help them with reasons to come visit […]

Cape Cod beer

Cape Cod Beer: A Treat For Your Taste Buds

Suds, brew, brewskis. All have been nicknames for one of the oldest drinks in existence, beer. Once a breakfast drink, now has been deemed only appropriate at the end of the day. Beer comes in many varieties and flavors and has fans for many of the flavors. From whit to saison and lager to stout, […]

Cape Cod honeymoon

4 Reasons to Take a Cape Cod Honeymoon

Are you getting married? Congratulations! This is an amazing time in anyone’s life. The planning and anticipation all leading up to the wedding day can be stressful at times but also a lot of fun. One big decision that couples have fun making together, or surprising each other with, is the honeymoon. Where oh where […]

Cape Cod Symphony

Cape Cod Symphony New Year’s Day Party

We at Chatham Gables Inn are so excited to see what’s in store for the New Year. The hope and promise of the future is something that we all think about at any time of year. The new year is a time of change as well, doing something different in your life and seeing where […]

Christmas at Chatham

Celebrate Christmas on Cape Cod

For some of us, these days our Christmas celebrations are only for two. While for some, they wish to spend more time with more family but sometimes it isn’t feasible. That is when it’s time to grab your partner and head out on a fun trip. Lasting memories will be made however the time is […]

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