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Chatham Orpheum Theater

What’s Playing at The Chatham Orpheum Theater?

At some point in time, we all need an escape. A way to get out of our world for a while and experience something new. Some people take this idea far and travel to far off places for periods of time. However, most people enjoy escaping into a great book or a movie. Movies are […]

Cape Cod National Seashore

Explore the Cape Cod National Seashore

The beach, the coast, the shore, oceanfront, the seashore, the strand, we at Chatham Gables Inn have all heard these names before. They are all used to describe the wonderful place where the ocean meets the land. Here in Cape Cod, we are known for some amazing beaches and area top spot for many guests. […]

visit Nantucket

Plan to Visit Nantucket This Summer

When visitors come to Cape Cod, they all have these wonderful ideas of what to do. Some of our guests at Chatham Gables Inn enjoy staying close to Chatham and seeing the sights here. We also have some other guests that like to venture out a bit more and enjoy seeing as much of Cape […]

Monomoy Island Ferry

Monomoy Island Ferry Celebrates 25 Years with 2 New Tours

When you decide to take a trip to someplace amazing like Cape Cod, you immediately get excited about all of the fun things you can do while you are here. Here at Chatham Gables Inn, throughout the years we have had the privilege of not only being able to take part in these activities ourselves […]

The Cape Playhouse

3 Tony Award-Winning Performances at The Cape Playhouse in 2015

When we go on vacation to a new town, we choose activities to entertain ourselves while we are there. These can be anything from outdoor activities like hiking or water sports or indoor activities that are also educational like going to a museum or having fun enjoying local shops. One thing that these all have […]

Nantucket Film Festival

Don’t Miss the Nantucket Film Festival June 24- 29

It has been said many times before that there are so many great activities and festivals here in Cape Cod that it’s hard to schedule all of the things you would like to do. We at Chatham Gables Inn get questions all the time from guests asking what are some of the best activities to […]

Cape Cod beer tour

What’s on tap? 3 Reasons to Take a Cape Cod Beer Tour

In every corner of the nation, you can most likely find a craft brewery. It may be a small batch brewer, or they may be a larger batch brewer but there is one thing in common, it is an art form. There is so much time, preparation, and care that goes into making beer that […]

Cape Cod sailing

Go on a Cape Cod Sailing Adventure

When most people think of Cape Cod, there are certain images that are conjured up in the mind. The first is always the scenery. It’s undeniable that we in Cape Cod have some of the best scenery in all seasons of the year. For others, it’s fantastic food. When you are so close to the […]

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