4 Cultural Things to Do in Chatham

things to do in ChathamWe all love discovering the best parts of a new town. For some of us, we can find them the first time we go and for others, it may be a few trips before we sink our teeth into a new town. When you live or visit an amazing place like Cape Cod, it can be hard trying to get to all of the interesting places since there are so many. Sometimes it is best to stick to one town to begin with and then work your way around. For us at Chatham Gables Inn, we love helping our visitors find amazing things to do in Chatham. For our visitors who really want to get to know us, finding them cultural things to do in Chatham is a top request. Here are our top 4 cultural things to do in Chatham.

The first in our list of cultural things to do in Chatham is to visit one, or more, of our fantastic art galleries. Each has something different to offer. Some can show you far off places, others can show one artist or another’s interpretation of Chatham in the present day. Also, some artists love to look back on what events made our town into what it is today and those pieces of art are always so interesting to see. We all love seeing depictions of the past. Some of the best art galleries, as well as things to do in Chatham, are, Gallery Antonia, Blue Water Fish Rubbings, and Maps of Antiquity. At Gallery Antonia, you will find fine art from Cape Cod and regional artists. You will also find different mediums and styles when you visit this great place. At Blue Water Fish Rubbings, not only is the art amazing but so is the experience. Artist Jenny Bovey takes what we all love about Cape Cod, the sea, and makes fun and interesting art from it. She takes fish, lobsters, and other sea animals, paints them and then transfers the image by rubbing, onto a piece of rice paper, canvas, and others. There is also a way to make one yourself! Lastly, another in our list of interesting things to do in Chatham is to go to Maps of Antiquity. This fantastic store has thousands of different maps, historical records, and more for not only preservation but purchase as well. This is a treasure trove of history of not only Chatham but other areas as well.

Another in our list of cultural things to do in Chatham is to visit one of our wonderful museums. We have two that are very popular in our area. The first is the Chatham Railroad Museum. This is a great place to bring the whole family to learn about what trains were like so many years ago. Since it has been open, the museum continues to collect artifacts related to railroads, including trains themselves. Another fun museum is the Atwood House Museum. This house is the oldest home in Chatham and has been beautifully restored for visitors to explore and understand what life was like in Chatham so many years ago. Be sure to take your time when touring this old home, it has a lot to share with you.

Next in our list of fun cultural things to do in Chatham is to go to one of our farmers markets. This is a great way to get to know our community. Open from May until October, visiting a farmer’s market is a great way to eat fresh food and peruse the different vendors all from the area. Not only will they have fresh fruits and vegetables but also meats, wine, and cookies. Be sure to check them out in the summer months.

The last in our list of cultural things to do in Chatham is to visit one of our many scenic landmarks. While some of them are historical, they are all fun to visit and learn about. Be sure to check out the list of all of them and then figure out which ones are the most interesting to you.

When thinking of fun things to do in Chatham, be sure to add us at Chatham Gables Inn to your list. Locals and visitors alike love coming to spend time with us. When you do chose to spend your time with us you will enjoy our wonderful service and attention to detail. Our rooms are filled with modern luxuries like Comfy sheets, aromatherapy, and luxury robes. Ready to explore Chatham? Contact our wonderful staff today and let us help you plan some fun things to do in Chatham while you are here.

Photo by: fullc0de