5 Ways to Enjoy Cape Cod Bay

Cape Cod BayPlanning a trip to Cape Cod? There are so many amazing things to do and see while you are here! Many love to stay and play on the outer coast near the Atlantic Ocean. However, why limit yourself to just one area? On the other side of the Cape Cod strip is a fantastic place, Cape Cod Bay. One of the main reasons why Cape Cod Bay is so great is because the outer arm of Cape Cod blocks part of the ocean off and allows us in Cape Cod Bay to have the benefits of the Atlantic Ocean without all of the unpredictability of the weather. Not sure what else to do while you are enjoying Cape Cod Bay? We at Chatham Gables Inn love exploring all parts of Cape Cod, especially Cape Cod Bay. Come see our picks for the 5 best ways to enjoy Cape Cod Bay.

The first way to enjoy Cape Cod Bay is to hit the water. This can be done in many ways, the simplest is just sailing. Sailing is a popular past time in Cape Cod Bay for residents and visitors. One wonderful sailing company we recommend is Cape Sail out of Brewster, MA. Come aboard Sabbatical with Captain Bob Rice and discover the beauty of Cape Cod Bay. Cape Sail has many sailing charters to choose from as well as many learn to sail programs available. They offer multiple times of day for sailing so you can experience all of Cape Cod Bay. This is also a great idea for those looking to romance their partner as they offer private charters as well.

If sightseeing on a boat is too slow a pace for you, then book a tour to see some of the beautiful animals that call Cape Cod Bay their home as well. One fantastic mammal that calls Cape Cod Bay its home for a while is the whale. Whale watching is so much fun here in Cape Cod Bay. There are many companies to choose from but one in particular that is fantastic is Dolphin Watch. They have an amazing whale watch out of Provincetown, MA. They offer 3-4 hour trips and are in a prime location, close to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. While on your trip, not only will you see whales but a variety of other attractions like seals, lighthouses, and of course the beautiful coastline.

The last way we suggest spending time on the water in Cape Cod Bay is by going fishing. Ocean fishing is a thrilling sport that gives every fisherman the sense of accomplishment and pride when they have reeled in the big catch of the day. A wonderful choice in fishing charters is Susie J. Sport Fishing Charters. Captain David Jurewicz has been an avid fisherman for 20 years and has spent many a summer on the waters of Cape Cod Bay with his family as a child and an adult and loves helping his customers create great memories of their own.

If you enjoy being on land while at Cape Cod Bay, there are many options for you as well. The first is to enjoy one of their many beaches. There are many towns in Cape Cod Bay as well as gorgeous beaches, some popular, others more secluded, that will allow your trip to be just as you want it. You can spend the day lounging around and taking a dip in Cape Cod Bay to cool off or take some time and take a walk along the beach and see what you can discover while walking.

If you need to spend some time even further inland, one beautiful place to go in Cape Cod Bay is Heritage Museums & Gardens. Located in Sandwich, MA, Heritage is the largest public garden in southern MA. The museum’s exhibits feature and showcase American culture through the years, especially through antique cars. If you have kids, be sure to take them to Hidden Hollow, a perfect place for them to explore and create.

Spending time on Cape Cod Bay is always a treat. When we have visitors to Cape Cod, they love to stay with us at Chatham Gables Inn. Our charming Cape Cod style and impeccable and friendly service keep our guests staying with us for years. We have many rooms available throughout the year because Cape Cod Bay is beautiful in any season. Start your day with a full country breakfast made to order which will send you off to explore Cape Cod Bay full of energy. Contact our amazing staff today to book a trip to see us and discover what makes Cape Cod Bay so amazing.

Photo by: Johanna Vaughan