All About the Art of Roasting – Locally Roasted Coffee in Chatham

 The Art of RoastingCoffee lovers staying at the Chatham Gables Inn are sure to be pleased with the coffee selection.  We are proud to serve locally roasted coffee from The Art of Roasting.

Started in 2005 by brothers-in-law Jeff Harris and Justin Scott, The Art of Roasting provides locals and visitors alike with coffee freshly roasted right in Chatham.  The Art of Roasting’s motto is: “Life is too short to drink bad coffee.” And that’s why they’ve set out to deliver fresh and flavorful roasts to the Cape Cod area.

Harris and Scott select the best coffee beans from all over the world for their roasts and bring them to Chatham. The beans are then meticulously roasted in small batches of 15-20 pounds, which allows for greater quality control and fewer roasting mistakes.  Each batch is roasted to 460 degrees in a special German Probat drum roaster while the roasting artists supervise. Then the beans are sealed in an airtight container to cool before being bagged and sent to customers.  Roast it, bag it, sell it.  That’s the way things are done at The Art of Roasting.

Roast Selection

With 12 roasts to choose from, The Art of Roasting is sure to have a flavor to please all coffee connoisseurs.

Light Roasts

Kenya AA: Very light body and very acidic. There is also a berry finish.

 Panama Boquete: A medium bodied mild coffee with soft floral sweetness.

Medium Roasts

Columbian Supremo: Classic Columbian coffee with medium body and full aroma. A caramel finish is complemented by fruit tones.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is lighter than Kenya and has balanced acidity with good body. Berry overtones with a floral and wine finish.

Dark Roasts

Espresso Blend: Coffee from all coffee regions are blended to make a balanced, classic espresso blend.  Strong and rich as espresso or a great cup of coffee.

Guatemala Antigua: Rich, nutty, chocolaty flavor.  Nice body without heaviness. Medium-dark roast.

Java Government Estate: Heavy body and low acidity.

Sumatra Mandheling: The Art of Roasting calls it their “most aggressive coffee” with a full body, dark roast and a bittersweet chocolate finish.


Decaffeinated French Roast : Bold flavor and aroma with a creamy body.

Decaffeinated Fair Trade Organic Mexican Blend: A mild, lightly sweet coffee with a medium body and acidity.

Fair Trade Organic

Fair Trade Organic Mexican Chipas: A medium light roasted, medium bodied coffee with a nutty flavor and a mystery spiciness.

Fair Trade Organic Papua New Guinea: A full bodied coffee with strong hints of cocoa and carmel on the finish. Medium roast.

Where to Get It

The Art of Roasting’s coffee beans are available at the Chatham Village market and online.  And it is served freshly brewed at select locations in Chatham, including Chatham Gables Inn. To see the full list of locations click here.

Coffee from The Art of Roasting is only one of the many reasons to come stay with us, so be sure book your stay at the Chatham Gables Inn.  Click here to pick out your perfect room today!


Photo by L.K.