Don’t Miss Trying These Cape Cod Adventures

Cape Cod AdventuresWhite sandy beaches, fresh seafood, simmering coastlines, and grassy dunes most likely fill your mind when you think about Cape Cod. There are numerous things to do and places to see around the Cape throughout the entire year. On your trip to the peninsula this summer, take a step back and become a local during your time in the area. Don’t know where to start? The staff of Chatham Gables is here to help! Here is a list of some of the best Cape Cod adventures that you don’t want to miss trying!



From the kettle ponds to the ocean, visitors can put on some scuba gear, dive to the deepest depths off the Cape and discover the remarkable underwater world. The best places to discover fascinating creatures are the Kettle Ponds. The 3 ½-mile hiking trail surrounding the Ponds is ideal for discovering all the Ponds. Read more about what to do in the area here! Aqua Center offers training for a scuba diving certification, allowing you to experience the breathtaking underwater world. Take this course and start your Cape Cod scuba diving adventure! To learn more on how to become a diver, click here!


Great White Shark

During your stay, keep your eyes open for Great White Sharks because you just might see one! OCEARCH is a nonprofit organization with global reach for unprecedented research on great white sharks and other large species. Before heading out for the day, open up OCEARCH and find out if there are any sharks in the area or if you spot one, post it on the shark tracker here.


Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife enthusiasts will delight over this beautiful sanctuary, full of rolling hillsides and endless shorelines. The Sanctuary consists of 937-acre and stretches along the Wellfleet Harbor, giving visitors a picturesque view of the area. With a variety of trails from which to choose, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of salt marsh, sandy barrier beach, or pine forests. The Bay View Trail winds through shaded pine and oak woodlands. It is full of a diverse range of wildlife from American woodcocks to great horned owls. Be sure to keep your eyes open!


Great Marsh Kayak Tours

Explore the marshland of the area from the seat of a kayak on the Nauset Marsh Tour- Lower Cape. Paddle towards the Outer Banks where you can see a herd of seals! Shorebirds, such as terns, sandpipers and ospreys, may be spotted during your tour. For the beginners out there, the Tidal Tour is perfect for you. Relax and glide through the marsh with the tide. The staff or guides at The Great Marsh Kayak Tours recommend the Naturalists Dream Tour for easy paddling and the best view of wildlife.


Provincetown Whale Watches

For the greatest adventure you will ever take, join the staff at the Provincetown Whale Watches for an amazing tour! Sightings of the world’s largest mammals are guaranteed on your trip to Stellwagen Bank! From Humpback whales to Pilot whales, passengers aboard will delight over these beautiful creators.



When you’re planning which Cape Cod Adventures to do this year, don’t forget to book your stay at Chatham Gables Inn. Our beautiful guest rooms are the perfect place to rest and recharge after an exciting day. Each room is classically decorated in the finest furnishings and lines. Of course, your stay includes a delicious breakfast each morning, so you’ll be ready for all the Cape Cod adventures that come your way!



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