Where Can You Find the Best Cape Cod Clam Chowder?

Do you consider yourself a true foodie? Do you love traveling to new places and tasting local delicacies? If so, you’ve landed on the right blog! Today, we are talking about Cape Cod’s clam chowder. You can’t visit New England without trying this staple dish, and luckily for you, we know just where to go. Read on to discover where to find the best Cape Cod clam chowder near Chatham Gables Inn and get ready to treat your tastebuds! 

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Spots to Enjoy the Best Cape Cod Clam Chowder! 

Del Mar Bar & Bistro 

Del Mar Bar & Bistro is a laid-back and elegant bar that serves some of the best seafood on Cape Cod, including clam chowder! They have an elegant patio with plants and string lights that will give your dinner a romantic atmosphere and let you smell the ocean from a distance. We highly recommend pairing your clam chowder with fresh oysters!

Twenty-Eight Atlantic 

If you want to experience Cape Cod’s unique clam chowder in an elegant dinner setting, then Twenty-Eight Atlantic is the perfect place. There, you’ll taste the New England staple dish with a delicious glass of wine and white tablecloth service. It’s a perfect spot for dates with your significant other, and who knows, maybe even a proposal! Did we mention the spectacular ocean views you get from your table?

Brax Landing Restaurant 

Are you looking for a more casual option? Head over to Brax Landing RestaurantYou will love their seafood-focused menu featuring fresh catches of the day, oysters, and, of course, clam chowder, all with a stunning harbor view. There, the food goes directly from the fishing boat to your plate! 

Kream N’ Kone 

Sometimes, you find the best food in the least expected places. Kream N Kone is a very laid-back seafood shack a little further away from the ocean, but their clam chowder is one of the best on Cape Cod! This family-owned counter restaurant also offers top-notch lobster rolls, fried seafood, and ice cream for dessert. 

Digest Your Delicious Meal at Chatham Gables Inn 

Wine in the GardensAfter enjoying one of these delicious Cape Cod clam chowders, come home to a cozy room where you can relax and digest! Luckily for you, Chatham Gables Inn offers that. Our beautiful Inn is one of the top places to stay on Cape Cod and is within walking distance of all the top attractions in Chatham, including some of these amazing restaurants. Our B&B offers elegant rooms, impeccable service, and the New England experience you seek when coming to Cape Cod. Browse our accommodation selection today and pick your favorite! 

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