The Best Features of a Cape Cod Honeymoon

The perfect honeymoon is the best reward after the several hectic months of planning. Do you want to stay in a dream location? Plan a Cape Cod honeymoon and enjoy all the natural splendor and rich culture of this historic Massachusetts peninsula. Take a look at a few of our top reasons to plan your amazing honeymoon in beautiful, historic Cape Cod at Chatham Gables Inn.   

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Reasons A Cape Cod Honeymoon Is The Ideal Honeymoon

Intimate Setting

A Cape Cod honeymoon is so charming. No matter what time of year you visit Cape Cod, it’s always a romantic place to visit. We have a couple of suggestions to make your honeymoon a little more special.

Visit our friends at Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod for a smooth glass of wine and their on-site distillery, South Hollow Spirits, for delicious cocktails and gorgeous views. Both establishments have tours and tastings, and during the summer offer outdoor music available as well.

Another fun activity is to walk arm-in-arm around the beautiful Provincetown galleries and enjoy the oldest art colony. Here, you’ll find multiple galleries adorned with wonderful art by local artists. Wouldn’t it be great to buy something to hang in your new home?

Wonderful Entertainment

Cape Cod hosts an array of entertainment perfect your Cape Cod honeymoon. The wonderful entertainment spaces make your experience a little more magical.

Do you enjoy live performances? Purchase tickets to the Monomoy Theatre. Outside, you’ll be captivated by the theater’s beautiful facade so prevalent in Cape Cod. And inside, you’ll be amazed by compelling performances of independent and well-known plays.

Do you love to spend time on the water? There’s no better way to experience Cape Cod than boating through the Cape Cod Canal. Trust our friends at Hy-Line Cruises to charter you and your loved one area the Cape. We suggest booking their 3hour tour to experience the natural beauty, live commentary, and historical facts about the Cape Cod Canal.

Great Location

Cape Cod serves as a name for the luxurious peninsula in Massachusetts and contains many small towns nestled together. All the Cape towns have distinct personalities and have unique features to show you.

We want you to explore our part of Cape Cod, Chatham. Our shopping scene is the perfect way to spend the afternoon strolling around. We have amazing summer concerts that provide the best outdoor entertainment on the Cape.

If you are interested in a day trip on your Cape Cod honeymoon, visit the neighboring town of Edgartown. The quaint town is filled with captains’ houses and manicured lawns. If you love the more bohemian side of life then Provincetown is the perfect spot for you. An artist’s haven is also historic and beautiful. This is a great place for open-minded tourists as it is also a gay and lesbian vacation hot spot.

Serene Environment

After the wedding bells chime, you will surely want the serenity and quietness of your Cape Cod honeymoon. The many beaches along the Cape Cod coastline showcase the beauty and wonder of the Atlantic Ocean. The waves crashing on the shoreline create the perfect paradise for you. Lay out in the sun and enhance your tan. Grab a book and get lost in the pages. Take a dip in the ocean and swim around. Whatever way you spend a beach day, Cape Cod has the perfect beach for you.

Great Restaurants

Dine at the many wonderful restaurants in Cape Cod. Your Cape Cod honeymoon would not be complete without a trip to the local restaurants teeming with seafood, wine, beer, and much more. Treat yourself to some of our favorites.

Dine at VERS at the Orpheum and enjoy a delicious, exquisite seafood dinner paired with an extensive selection of beer and wine. Try another seafood favorite, Del Mar Bistro, serving a full menu of food varieties, perfect for any taste. Are you in the mood for a glass of wine or two over dinner? Reserve your table at the Chatham Wine Bar & Restaurant for the most delicious small and large dishes on the Cape.

Relax at Chatham Gables Inn

Cape Cod offers an unprecedented selection of wonderful activities to experience during your first days together as a married couple. Book your Cape Cod honeymoon at the romantic Chatham Gables Inn. Our quiet, intimate rooms offer the perfect comfort and luxurious amenities to enhance your Cape Cod honeymoon. Browse our wonderful packages and select your favorites to add onto your stay with us. Make your honeymoon magical here at Chatham Gables Inn today!

Photo credit: snowflock