Tour These Cape Cod Islands: Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard

Gay Head LighthouseGuests of our Chatham bed and breakfast have the pleasure of enjoying two beautiful nearby Cape Cod Islands while staying at our charming Inn. Chatham’s location at the elbow of Cape Cod makes our Inn the ideal base for those wishing to explore Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. We’ve put together a helpful tour guide to help you plan your excursions to these Cape Cod Islands!


Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful island located south of Cape Cod and offers several things to enjoy. Make a day trip out to Martha’s Vineyard and discover a few of the fascinating museums, scenic shorelines, and other enthralling attractions the island has.


South Beach, one of Martha’s Vineyard’s finest beaches, is a seemingly endless with low dunes at which one can let one’s soul drift with the gulls, swans and drifting clouds. With white sand that stretches for miles, one must take time to relish the full beauty of it with a quiet stroll.


Considered to be the best view on the island, the Aquinnah Cliffs will take your breath away. Situated on the side of one of the cliffs is the Gay Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse sits only 40-feet from the edge of the cliffs and is dangerously close to falling over. It stands where the first of the Vineyard’s five lighthouses was built and though the current red brick tower is not the original lighthouse, it’s worth venturing out to the Aquinnah Cliffs for the magnificent view.


After visiting the sandy beaches and jagged cliffs, wander on over to Circuit Avenue to grab a bit to eat or pop into one of the quaint shops along the strip. At the foot of Circuit Avenue is the famous Flying Horses, one of the oldest still operable platform carousels in the United States. Enjoy a ride around the carousel with a view of the ocean. Stop and relax while enjoying some of the islands best food. A staple of the Vineyard, Mocha Motts serves some delicious coffee and sweets. With some of the best chowder on the island, Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company is also worth a visit.


Nantucket is a picturesque island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, the perfect distance for a day trip. With so much to do, you are sure to have a full day of fun while visiting one of Cape Cods most beautiful Islands.


Visit the Whaling Museum to learn about the history of Nantucket’s whaling industry and view artifacts. The museum is filled with pieces from harpoons, scrimshaw, ship logs, whalebones and more. Visitors are sure to gain knowledgeable information of the history of Whaling in a fun and exciting way.


The First Congregational Church has the best view of any place on the island. Guests pay five dollars to climb to top of the Lookout Tower and experience the immaculate view of the island. Take time to walk through the church and appreciate the simple, yet striking, exterior architecture.


Towering more than 60 feet, the Great Point lighthouse was established in 1784, destroyed in 1984 and rebuilt in 1986. This classic lighthouse and scenic view is located on the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and is definitely worth a visit. To climb to the top of the lighthouse, book your excursion with the trustees. No trip to Nantucket is complete without a visit to Great Point Light!


When planning your visits to these Cape Cod Islands, don’t forget to book your stay at Chatham Gables Inn. Our Cape Cod bed and breakfast serves you a delicious breakfast that is sure to start your day of right and give you the energy to venture out to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Our luxurious rooms are the ideal place to unwind and recharge during your time in Cape Cod. We’ll see you soon for an unforgettable experience!



Photo courtesy Gary Brownwell.