Cape Cod Seal Tours You Should Experience

Cape Cod Seal TourWhen you visit our Cape Code bed and breakfast, Chatham Gables Inn, you’ll find a number of activities to partake in around the area.  One of the most unique and memorable experiences we recommend is a Cape Cod seal tour.  Cape Cod is home to both gray seals and harbor seals.  Gray seals are the larger of the two and as their name indicates are gray or almost black in color.  These mammals can grow to over ten feet long.  Harbor seals are smaller at around six or six and half feet long. The harbor seals are brown, gray or tan in color and often have rings or spots.  Both varieties are fascinating to watch and evolved long ago from a pre-historic dog-like animal. Their adorable expressions and curiosity enthrall visitors to Cape Cod. To experience both gray seals and harbor seals, check out one of the Cape Cod seal tours listed below!


Beachcomber Seal Watches

Beachcomber has distinctive yellow boats that depart from Ryder’s Cove. To get to the cove you get to take an old fashioned trolley ride from the parking lot on Crowell Road. Tours last an hour and a half.  For more information on Beachcomber tour schedules, click here.


Chatham Water Tours

This Cape Cod seal tour teaches visitors about the history of the seals in Chatham as well as about the seals’ habitats and biology while you watch them playing in the water or relaxing on the beach.  Call for schedules, reservations & more information: 508-237-2564


Chatham Harbor Seal Tours by Monomoy Outfitters

This customized Cape Cod seal tour gets you up close and personal with the gray seals and harbor seals that make their home in a Chatham Harbor inlet.  Tours are limited to six passengers unless prior arrangements are made.


Blue Claw Boat Tours

This Cape Cod seal tour departs from Orleans and takes you through Pleasant Bay on the way to Chatham. See the seals playing in groups and experience their curiosity towards cruisers. The tour lasts an hour and a half.


Monomoy Island Ferry Sea Cruises

Board the Rip Rider for a 90 minute tour around the west side of the Monomoy Islands. This Cape Cod seal tour claims to be the closest boat to the seals.  A new tour led by a naturalists gives visitors the opportunity to land on South Monomoy Island and take a walk to Monomoy Lighthouse while on the lookout for wildlife including seals, deer and birds.


Monomoy Island Excursions

This family owned and operated Cape Cod seal tour takes passengers from Harwich to Monomoy to visit the thousands of seals that call the barrier island their home. Other notable parts on the tour are the scenic Wychmere Harbor, Stage Harbor Lighthouse, and a view of Chatham Lighthouse.  A naturalist on board narrates the tours and answers any questions guests might have.  For more information on this Cape Cod seal tour, click here.


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