Cape Cod Shark Adventures … If You Dare!

Cape Cod Shark AdventuresDo you dare take on the challenge of Cape Cod Shark Adventures? If you enjoy a little thrill, come to visit us at Chatham Gables Inn and experience the excitement of one of the many Cape Cod Shark Adventures! The Cape’s waters are home to many species of sharks during the warmer months of the year. From June through October, species such as blues, makos, threshers, great whites and basking sharks call the waters of Cape Cod home. Here is all you need to know about the Cape Cod Shark Adventures!


Whether you are a professional photographer looking for an awesome shot or a beginner looking to get in the cage with the creatures, the captains of Cape Cod Shark Adventures have over 10 years of experience to make sure you get as much out of the day as possible. Having perfected the game of finding and interacting with the animals both above and below the water, Cape Cod Shark Adventures has many years of experience and a flawless safety record.

The company will provide novice and experienced divers alike a world-class day full of adventure in and on the water. Their aim is to provide divers with a first-rate safe and successful wildlife experience. Cape Cod Shark Adventure also offers shark and whale watch viewing trips for those wishing to experience the wildlife from the safety of a boat.

One of the many great things about the Cape Cod Shark Adventures is that the company runs shark diving charters right out of Chatham, Massachusetts. Guests at our Inn will have easy access to all the excitement! Cape Cod has almost as many sharks as the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The 40-minute ride to the shark grounds of Chatham is breathtaking. The waters of Chatham are home to the blue and the mako sharks; however, it is also possible to see great white sharks in the area. For those who do not wish to get into the cage, they also run trips for shark viewing from the Chatham deck!

The most powerful sharks pound for pound are the Makos. These creatures are the top dog in the Cape Cod waters and demand respect when seen on dives. Moving quickly through the water, these sharks are extremely bold. Another creature you will see on your Cape Cod Shark Adventures is the blue shark. The nomads of the deep, blue sharks are most known for their long oceanic migrations. They grow over 10 feet in length, allowing this big shark to move through the water with speed and curiosity. They will often approach the divers to get a better look. On the island of Nantucket, the blue sharks are found in large numbers throughout the summer and fall.

Plan Your Trip

As you are planning your Cape Cod Shark Adventures, don’t forget to book your stay at the beautiful Chatham Gables Inn. Our classic Cape Cod bed and breakfast will serve you a delicious breakfast that will give you the energy you need to take on all the adventures ahead. Our luxurious rooms are elegantly decorated, making them the ideal place to unwind and recharge during your time in Cape Cod. We’ll see you soon for an unforgettable experience!


Photo courtesy Re Avarez.