Get the Best Adrenaline Rush When You Go Cape Cod Skydiving


Do you want the thrill of freefalling from 10,000 feet above Cape Cod? You can get an incredible adrenaline rush when you experience Cape Cod skydiving. Not only will you effortlessly soar through the air, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Cape. Cross this item off your bucket list and channel your inner daredevil when you jump out of your comfort zone and go Cape Cod skydiving.

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Cape Cod Skydiving: Where to Begin?

Make the scenic 40-minute trip from Chatham Gables Inn to Skydive Barnstable in nearby Marston Mills, Massachusetts. In 2013, a group of Cape Cod skydiving enthusiasts created Skydive Barnstable with the goal of giving the best and safest skydiving experience.

When you plan your Cape Cod skydiving trip, you will have the chance to see incredible views of Cape Cod, Boston, Providence and other beautiful areas of New England. The thrilling adventure shows you all the natural beauty and wide expanse from 10,000 feet in the air.

Check the weather before heading out on your skydiving excursion. Leave your room at Chatham Gables Inn and prepare to be at Skydive Barnstable 30 minutes before your jump. You will have to watch a safety video and sign waivers before heading up in the airplane. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers!

You’re in Good Hands at Skydive Barnstable

The staff at Skydive Barnstable wants to make your Cape Cod skydiving experience unforgettable! Your safety is their number one priority. The knowledgeable staff will prepare you for your jump with all the safety information you need to know. They will help you into your jumpsuit and put your goggles on for you. If you are feeling a little uneasy, ask the staff any questions you may have before you go skydiving. After all the safety checks, you are ready to jump!

Take your seat on the airplane enjoy the sights as the plane climbs to 10,000 feet in the air. Don’t worry, there will be instructors and other crew members coaching you every step of the way. Do you still feel a little overwhelmed? Try tandem skydiving for your Cape Cod skydiving adventure. This particular form of skydiving allows you to jump with a licensed, trained instructor. Together, you can reach the top speed of 120 mph! Once you land from your Cape Cod skydiving thrill, you will receive a certificate to show you successfully completed your jump. It’s something amazing to brag about to your friends and family at home.

Rest at Chatham Gables Inn

Once you have experienced the thrill of Cape Cod skydiving, come back and relax with us at Chatham Gables Inn. Our beautiful bed and breakfast has the perfect accommodations to make you feel at home. Each of our spacious rooms comes with luxurious amenities like comfortable beds, soft sheets, and plush bathrobes to help you unwind. Refuel each morning with spectacular breakfast in our wonderful dining area. Book your Cape Cod experience with us today!