Why the Chatham Candy Manor has the Best Fudge

Wafting through the crisp Cape Cod air in downtown Chatham, Massachusetts, the smell of freshly made chocolates and candies draws you to the Chatham Candy Manor, even in the dead of winter. Standing outside the shop, you can see an array of fresh fudge inside the display cases. Once you’re inside, you’ll be tempted by a bowl of irresistible fudge samples that sits on the counter. One bite and you’ll be hooked! Learn more about this famous candy shop and be sure to stop by the next time you’re visiting Chatham Gables Inn.

What Makes This Fudge So Famously Good?

Chatham Candy Manor crafts freshly made fudge daily using recipes that go back further than any of the shop’s chocolatiers can remember. Traditional fudge recipes are products of the hard work and determination of Chatham Candy Manor’s founder, Naomi L. Turner.

If you peer through the window into the Candy Manor, you will find as many as four chocolatiers hard at work, crafting the day’s batch of fudge. It is exactly this daily dedication to freshness that makes the fudge so famous. Customers can observe the stirring process, and even try a free sample. In the summertime, Candy Manor chocolatiers churn out 50 batches of fudge (each one weighing 50 pounds) each week. They make 20 different flavors ranging from classic chocolate fudge to decadent caramel-centered fantasy fudge.

Chatham Candy Manor’s History Is as Rich as Its Fudge

The Chatham Candy Manor prides itself in its rich history. Led by a devoted team of folks that really care about what they do, the chocolate shop has made its mark with its mission, history, integrity, and overall excellence.

It all started with Naomi Louise Turner and a story like something out of a movie. In 1955, the trailblazer, far ahead of her time, arrived in Chatham in an old station wagon filled with candy making supplies. That July, she set out card tables and opened for business with a few old family recipes. The rest of July, the Turners slept amidst the sugar in the back of the store until they could afford rent for August. It was always Louise’s joy to bring a smile to her customer’s faces. It didn’t take long for the Chatham Candy Manor to become a mainstay of the coastal community in Chatham.

Flavors for Your Fudge Fix

With 20 different flavors to choose from, you will be sure to find your favorite fudge. Select from traditional chocolate, penuche, and peanut butter to fantasy chocolate turtle, fluffernutter, chocolate Oreo and more! Whether you are strolling down Main Street, coming up from the Chatham Lighthouse, or heading out to a Cape Cod Baseball League game, stop by the Chatham Candy Manor and grab a bite!

Where Is the Best Place to Stay in Chatham?

After you have satisfied your sweet tooth at Chatham Candy Manor, spend some time exploring the rest of town, and then come and relax at Chatham Gables Inn. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or just some time off, Chatham Gables Inn offers a variety of specials to fit your needs. Let us help make Chatham your favorite vacation spot! Be sure to download our Vacation Guide and check out all there is to do during your stay. Ready to book now? We are standing by and ready to help!

Photo by Mark Stout / Thinkstock