Top 3 Reasons to Visit the Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Couple enjoying Chatham Lighthouse BeachYear after year, excited tourists flock to Cape Cod to treat themselves to an unforgettable trip of fun-filled attractions and activities.  Chatham, Massachusetts, is one Cape Cod town that stands out from the rest; this area contains one-of-a-kind museums and monuments, not to mention the lovely Chatham beaches.  After all, who doesn’t crave a vacation of basking in the sun on a beautiful beach?  If you love beach trips, be sure to visit the Chatham Lighthouse Beach while you’re in town!

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Chatham Lighthouse Beach

  1. Amazing Wildlife

Cape Cod is home to all kinds of different birds, animals, and other species that live both onshore and offshore.  Piping plovers are a beloved species of bird that you might spot while you’re here, along with the goofy-looking American Oystercatcher bird.  However, the Chatham Lighthouse Beach seals might be the favorite animal that inhabits this area!  People come from far and wide to watch these playful creatures splashing around in the ocean.  There are plenty of Chatham Lighthouse Beach seal tours you can participate in to see these silly seals up close!

  1. Fun Activities

Although there are numerous Chatham beaches, the Chatham Lighthouse Beach stands apart with its many enjoyable things to do!  The Chatham Light, which overlooks the beach, is an incredible attraction to see and explore.  You can climb to the peak of this towering lighthouse to be treated to breathtaking, panoramic views of the beach and its stunning surrounding scenery. This is also a great place to take a dip in the cool ocean waters!  However, be aware that there is no lifeguard on watch here and this area is prone to strong currents and tides.  Check the Chatham Lighthouse Beach tide chart before you go so you can make plans to swim when the conditions are both safe and enjoyable.  Another fantastic activity here you can engage in is the popular Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga class!  Every day during the summer (when it isn’t raining), you can join others for a relaxing morning of beach yoga.  All ages and skill levels are welcome, so make sure to attend this class to help calm your mind and improve your health!

  1. Wonderful Weather

Don’t settle for anything less than perfect weather during your Cape Cod vacation!  Chatham, MA, has the best temperatures in the summer for a relaxing trip to the beach; with highs that tend to hover in the mid-70s, you couldn’t ask for a more pleasant environment.

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Photo by anyaberkut / Thinkstock