Why You Need to See the Beautiful Chatham Lighthouse

Cape Cod is filled with numerous small, charming towns that help make this area such an amazing vacation destination.  Chatham is one highlight of Cape Cod that stands apart from the rest; the only town here to be surrounded by water on three sides, Chatham is bursting with unique attractions and breathtaking beauty.  One of the most iconic and distinguishable landmarks of this enchanting beach town is the Chatham Lighthouse, a beautiful and towering 48-foot beacon on the water.  There are many things to do at this historic site; take a look at a few of the most entertaining activities here to help you start planning your exciting day in Cape Cod!  

3 of the Best Things to Do at the Chatham Lighthouse

  1. Take a Lighthouse Tour

The best way to experience this attraction is to take advantage of one of the many Chatham Lighthouse tours offered here.  Built all the way back in 1808, this lighthouse contains fascinating stories about its history and origins; an essential establishment of the area, this lighthouse’s very first keeper was appointed by President Thomas Jefferson himself to help guide ships past the town of Chatham.  Climb these 44 winding steps to be rewarded by stunning, panoramic views of the picturesque surrounding water and beaches.  

  1. Relax on the Beach

In addition to exploring the lighthouse itself, you can also see what the encompassing area has to offer.  The Chatham Lighthouse Beach spans across a wide space to provide visitors with a wonderful place to bask in the sun!  Enjoy the pleasant weather by sprawling in the sand or take a dip in the water!  Keep your eyes peeled and you might see one of the countless Chatham Lighthouse Beach seals splashing around in the water.  

  1. Get Your Om on

Every day during the summer, you can indulge in some healthy and relaxing exercise by attending the Chatham Lighthouse Beach yoga classes!  All ages and skill levels are welcome and no registration is required; all you have to bring is sunglasses and a towel.  You can’t ask for a better view than the Chatham Lighthouse Beach as you engage in these activities to help lower your stress levels and improve your health!

If you want to see more incredible lighthouses in Cape Cod, visit the nearby Nauset Lighthouse for another unforgettable afternoon!

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Photo by coleorig / Thinkstock