Chatham, Massachusetts: 6 Reasons to Visit

Chatham, Massachusetts It’s obvious to see that we love our hometown of Chatham, Massachusetts. The beautiful coast and friendly neighbors makes this an ideal place to visit or to live. We at Chatham Gables Inn love helping our potential visitors navigate the ins and outs of our amazing town and help them with reasons to come visit us. We had many reasons why anyone would want to come visit us in Chatham, Massachusetts and after some time we could narrow is down to 6 fantastic reasons to come visit Chatham, Massachusetts in any season.

Top Reasons Why You Should Book a Trip to Chatham, Massachusetts

1. Beaches: Our beaches are stunning every season of the year. We have 6 major saltwater beaches that are near the Atlantic Ocean and the Nantucket Sound. While this is a more popular choice in the summer months, our beaches are fantastic to explore in the cooler months as well. While discovering our beaches be sure to check out the Chatham Light, a still active lighthouse that also provides amazing views of the horizon.

2. Water Recreation: When the weather is right, there is nothing better in Chatham, Massachusetts than being on the water. This can happen in many ways but two popular ways are either by fishing or by a tour. Fishing here in Chatham, Massachusetts is revered by many. Our waters are full of striped bass and tuna that only the bravest fisherman dare to try and reel in. If fishing isn’t your thing, there are many boat tours that will allow you to be on the water and see some of the diverse wildlife that are in our waters. The most popular choice is a seal boat tour. These lovable creatures, and there individual personalities, are a joy to all who see them.

3. Parks: One of the things the residents of Chatham, Massachusetts love about our town is our parks. We have so many and so many different kinds that there is something for everyone. In the summers, there are events and concerts held in our parks that our guests and residents love to stay out late for.

4. Restaurants: When you live on the coast, it’s hard to not have amazing restaurants. Some of the best ingredients are so close and fresh that all it takes is some love and skill to turn it into a masterpiece. We also have a diverse selection of types of food available. One fun idea also is to visit one of our tea rooms for a special treat in the day.

5. Family activities: While a vacation for just adults is always fun, nothing completes it like bringing the kids. Seeing the joy and love in their faces as they get to experience something new is a blessing. Here in Chatham, Massachusetts, there is no shortage of things to do with kids. What also makes it fantastic is that at most attractions kids get in for free.

6. History: Here in Chatham, Massachusetts, we love regaling anyone who will listen stories of days long past. Chatham, Massachusetts is full of history and can be seen in one of our many museums, art galleries, and other historical points of interest. Take a stroll and find out more about how this town was formed and how people lived so long ago.

When we at Chatham Gables Inn start to tell people reasons why to come visit us in Chatham, Massachusetts, it doesn’t take long for them to start asking us when we have a room available for them. We enjoy hosting guests from all around in our wonderful inn. Each of our rooms is decorated in a classic Cape Cod style and when you are done exploring Chatham, Massachusetts, you will easily fall asleep in our comfortable beds complete with luxurious linens. Contact our amazing staff today and book a trip to see us at Chatham Gables Inn in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Photo by: woodleywonderworks