Chatham’s Link to Wireless: Learn About Marconi History

Marconi history
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Few people know that Chatham has a history in wireless communications. Learn about Chatham’s Link to Wireless and Marconi history that has helped shape the technology and radio. There is an extensive history of scientific work in the Chatham area. When you visit Chatham Gables Inn, check out the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center.

Dating back to the late 19th century and early 20th century, the Chatham area was a haven of communication technology. With ships passing through the Atlantic in Cape Cod, Chatham was a main area with a telegraph office. Telegraph cables were laid between Cape Cod and France, in an attempt to bridge the communication gap. In 1898, 3,000 miles of cable was laid between Orleans and Brest, France which was the longest undersea cable in the world.

In 1898, Guglielmo Marconi tried his theory that wireless signals could extend across the Atlantic Ocean and compete with cable communications. Settling in Cape Cod due to the proximity to Europe, Marconi completed communication between his station in Wellfleet and Poldu, England. The American Marconi Corporation pioneered wireless communications in the early 1900’s. David Sarnoff, the eventual head of RCA, began his career with Marconi.

Marconi received the Nobel Prize in 1909 and became famous worldwide. He spent the rest of his career worked on improving communication capabilities. In 1914, Marconi built a high-powered wireless receivers in Chatham with transmitters 40 miles away. The station linked with another station in Norway which after being bought by RCA remained in operation until 1997.

Today, the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center celebrates and honors the accomplishments of Marconi. The Marconi history is entwined in the historical fabric of Chatham. Plan to spend about an hour at the museum as there are plenty of exhibits and information you will want to check out.

After arriving, the Marconi history begins with a video narrated by Walter Cronkite. Learn about telegraphs, Morse code and the early days of radio. Watch informational films, the history of the station in World War II, radio operators and more. The Marconi history had a big impact on radio transmissions and helped make Chatham a major part of communications history.

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