How to Find the Best Cranberry Bog Tours in Cape Cod

Fall is not only the perfect time of year to view the changing foliage, it’s also harvest time for cranberries. Here in Cape Cod, September through December is prime season for cranberry bog tours. And here at Chatham Gables Inn, we know the best ones to visit! Farmers devote over 14,000 acres of Massachusetts land to it, so put your waders on to create a unique vacation memory.

Local Cranberry Bog Tours Are Just a Short Drive Away

Crisp fall afternoons make for the perfect cranberry bog tour. At Chatham Gables Inn, we are right in the middle of the best cranberry bog locations. The farms nearby welcome visitors and will allow you to get a behind-the-scenes look at the harvest process. But, be sure to call ahead of your tour as a courtesy to the farmers! Tours are available throughout the year, but the fall harvest is the best time for a visit.

Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours

Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours in Orleans gives walking tours daily at 4 p.m. or by appointment. A grower with 28 years of cranberry farming experience makes this $10 tour both fun and interesting. You will learn about cranberry cultivation and history. Then, see cranberries in bloom or harvest, depending on the season. Additionally, local birds and wildlife frequent the bogs. So, be sure to bring your binoculars or a camera! Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours is just a short, 10-mile drive up MA-28 S. from Chatham!

Annie’s Crannies Honors Tradition

The story behind Annie’s Crannies one rich in tradition. The Nobscusset Tribe first passed down this almost 200-year-old bog to a man named Henry Hall (pioneer of the cultivated cranberry). He then sold it to Ben Walker. In the 1950s, Walker had to sell the last of his bogs when the cranberry industry plummeted. In 1994, Walker’s granddaughter Annie decided to shift her career from Broadway wardrobe supervisor to cranberry farmer. She reacquired the bog her grandfather farmed and has been cultivating cranberries in his honor ever since.

Annie’s Crannies takes extensive steps to guarantee that her products are the best organic quality. She adheres to practices like letting native grasses grow around the bogs which gives native pollinators a boost, including her own hives. Without these bees, the cranberries would never get pollinated. This amazing cranberry farm is well worth your visit and you can buy straight from the farm! Though tours are not advertised, Annie’s Crannies is happy to accommodate your visit. Just call ahead before you make the trip!

Cranberry Culture Exhibit at Harwich Historical Society

The Harwich Historical Society offers an exhibit on the cranberry culture of Cape Cod just minutes away from Chatham. Harwich’s involvement in Cape Cod’s cranberry history makes for the perfect exhibit. Come check out the largest collection of artifacts and pictures about cranberry cultivation!

Chatham Gables Inn is in the Middle of it All

Planning to visit a cranberry bog as a part of your trip to Cape Cod? Chatham Gables Inn is the prime location for your trip. We are eager to accommodate you! View our rooms and amenities, and make plans to cozy up next to one of our fireplaces and unwind. Also, check out our free Vacation Guide for all the best things to do in Chatham, MA.

Photo by JanaShea / Thinkstock