Don’t Miss this Valentine’s Event: Paint the Town Chocolate Chatham!

Valentine's eventThere are some times of year where special events are always planned. In families this can be as simple as birthdays and anniversaries. However, across the country there are certain days that are celebrated on a much larger scale. These are July 4th, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Surrounding these days towns everywhere go into full party planning mode so their residents and guests can fully enjoy the day. Coming up next for us is Valentine’s Day! This wonderful day is set apart to show those who are in your life how much they mean to you. This can be celebrated many ways but usually is some sort of delicious meal and for the fortunate ones, a getaway. We at Chatham Gables Inn love having a Valentine’s event, as well as any reason to be romantic on any other day. Our amazing town of Chatham equally enjoys celebrating the day of love as well and has come up with a great Valentine’s event, Paint the Town Chocolate.

A town wide Valentine’s event has been something that many areas across the country love doing. It brings the community closer and gives visitors a fantastic look into fun places in the town. In Chatham, we will have many shops, restaurants, inns, and more all participating in deals and giveaways to entice you to spend the day with the one that you care about most. There is nothing more romantic that spending a day strolling through the beautiful streets of Chatham together. Imagine a day where you could make your own schedule and move at your own pace? Spend the day shopping and visiting art galleries and then plan a lovely dinner in a romantic restaurant.

At Chatham’s Valentine’s event, Paint the Town Chocolate, there will be several events throughout the day to keep everyone busy and in a romantic mood. At the bandstand there will be wedding vow renewals for those who want to reaffirm the vows they made when they got married. A vow renewal is always a fun event to watch. Some other activities around town during Chatham’s Valentine’s event will be chocolate tastings, special themed movies, and much more.

One of the fun Valentine’s events that will be happening in Chatham is secret gifts. Go on a hunt for secret gifts scattered around downtown on the Saturday. This can be an exciting way to spend some time on your Valentine’s trip to Chatham.

Restaurants will also host their own Valentine’s event and include Valentine specials as well. There is nothing more romantic than enjoying a nice meal and amazing conversation with the one you love. Be sure to check out your restaurant’s wine menu and pair a fantastic glass of wine to go with your meal. Complete your dinner with a decadent dessert.

When deciding on a Valentine’s event, consider taking a trip to see us in Chatham. When visitors come to Chatham they love staying with us at Chatham Gables Inn. Our impeccable service and classic Cape Cod style have visitors coming back for every trip to Chatham. Whether you choose us for your Valentine’s event or for another time of year, be sure to check out our INN-love package! This fantastic package will ensure that your partner knows how much you love them! Contact our amazing staff today and let us help you plan a Valentine’s event that will not be forgotten.

Photo by: coletree