Excellent Ideas for Weekend Getaways from Boston

weekend getaways from BostonIn our busy lives, while we would like to take these amazing long vacations somewhere, it just isn’t possible. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go away ever or you have to wait for a great break in your schedule, it just means you have to plan it smartly. For our neighbors to the north, there we at Chatham Gables Inn have some great ideas for weekend getaways from Boston. We get questions like these all the time, how do I carefully plan a wonderful trip for just a short amount of time. Fortunately, there are so many fun things to do and being in Cape Cod means that you won’t be too far from all of your activities.

When it comes to planning weekend getaways from Boston to Cape Cod, you will be pleased to find out that Cape Cod is a mere 2 hour drive away. Since Cape Cod is divided into areas, we are going to highlight one amazing thing to do in each.

Here is one of our many plans on how to have a great first, of many, weekend getaways from Boston to Cape Cod. When deciding on this plan, it’s best to have a full free day to enjoy this trip idea. When you drive into Cape Cod, the first area you will encounter is Upper Cape and in Upper Cape there are many fun activities and towns to discover. We suggest you head to one of the many beaches in Falmouth. This is a great place to pack a picnic and enjoy the weather and the sea shore. There are so many beaches in Falmouth that it would be hard to list all of our favorites. The folks at oncape.com has a fantastic list of all of the beaches as well some of the best aspects of them. Examples would be if they are more secluded or not, if they are great for families, and how calm their waters are. This is an unbelievable resource when it comes to doing research on beaches before planning weekend getaways from Boston.

Once you are done, head back on the road and the next area on your drive will be Mid Cape. We suggest heading to the picturesque town of Yarmouth and go to their Cultural Center of Cape Cod. We suggest this idea for those taking weekend getaways from Boston to Cape Cod so our visitors can easily get to know our area and connect with it. The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is a wonderful place to go see events and exhibits. Weekends are especially fun with live music.

Next on our tour of Cape Cod during your weekend getaways from Boston is to come see us in Chatham. By now you are most likely ready for some shopping and a bite to eat. We suggest you head over to our famous Main Street. Shops are lined for about a mile and you will be able to find all sorts of fun knick knacks, clothes, furniture, and more. What’s amazing about our Main Street is that there is plenty of parking, and trust us, it’s needed. Everyone loves coming to shop at our local and wonderful stores. After some shopping, you will most likely be tired and a bit hungry. We suggest you stay the night with us here at Chatham Gables Inn. Our inn is the perfect midway point for the rest of Cape Cod. Spend the afternoon with other guests and swap stories about what you saw today. After that, go up to your room and freshen up for a wonderful dinner at one of our local restaurants. Not sure where to go? Ask one of our amazing staff members!

After a nice dinner and a restful night’s sleep, be sure to have some of our delicious breakfast available every morning and then head out to spend the rest of your time exploring Outer Cape. We suggest you go to the town of Truro and learn all about Cape Cod’s First Lighthouse, Highland Light. Learning some history about Cape Cod is a wonderful way to round out one of many weekend getaways from Boston. The fee for the lighthouse is a steal at $4 for adults and going down from there. Be sure to hop onto one of their amazing lighthouse tours to find out all about this great historic lighthouse.

We hope you have enjoyed and been well informed about some possibilities for weekend getaways from Boston. Please contact our staff any time to help with plans for this type of trip as well as coming to stay with us at Chatham Gables Inn.

Photo by: Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection