Our Favorite Things to do in Cape Cod

things to do in Cape CodDeciding where to go on vacation can always be a bit of a chore. We first usually choose to go to places we have been before and loved, then we think about far off places we have always wanted to go to and then quickly realize that that option wouldn’t be right. Then you begin to think about places that you have never been before that are a tad closer to you. One amazing place that so many people flock to year after year is Cape Cod. There are so many wonderful things to do in Cape Cod in any season that it’s easy to see why this is a top destination. Here at Chatham Gables Inn, we love answering our guest’s questions about things to do in Cape Cod while they are here. Over the years of experience living in Cape Cod we have come up with our favorite things to do in Cape Cod and love sharing our experiences with our guests. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Cape Cod.

The top in our list of favorite things to do in Cape Cod, especially when the weather is nice, is to head outside! There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors here in Cape Cod. The first way to enjoy Cape Cod’s outdoors is to head to the shore! Even if it’s not beach weather, the shores are an amazing place to go to walk and explore more into Cape Cod’s diverse ecosystems. One of the best areas is Cape Cod National Seashore. Located in the east side of the Lower Cape is 40 miles of shores dedicated in a national park. Open year round the Cape Cod National Seashore is a great way to spend your day or afternoon. If you are looking for something a little more active, one of our top things to do in Cape Cod is to head over to the Cape Cod Rail Trail. This 22 mile stretch of what was once near the railroad tracks which were the life blood of early Cape Cod are now only a reminder of those days passed. The Cape Cod Rail Trail has few hills and many trail heads which makes it ideal for visitors, especially cyclists however, walkers, runners, and horse back riders also love the area as well.

If you are looking to do a bit of shopping then Cape Cod has you covered. With so many towns and unique aspects to each of them, finding a store will be very easy. Shopping is definitely one of our top things to do in Cape Cod. We have all types of shops for every taste from antique to clothing to home. One unique shop that is worth mentioning is The Brewster Store in Brewster. This awesome store has great general merchandise but what makes it fun is it’s memorabilia, Christmas items, and candy. This store is fun for the whole family.

The last in our list of favorite things to do in Cape Cod is to eat our way through it. There are so many unbelievable restaurants in Cape Cod that it would be hard to know where to start. If you are unfamiliar with the area, be sure to check out Cape Cod’s Chamber of Commerce website. They are a great resource to look for restaurants in Cape Cod. They have them grouped into categories like, family dining, waterfront dining, taverns, dining for groups, and more. From there it’s just choosing which one you want to try first. When you dine here in Cape Cod, you will not be disappointed.

Of course at the top of our list for favorite things to do in Cape Cod is to come to see us at Chatham Gables Inn. Locals and visitors alike love coming to our picturesque B&B to relax for an evening or two. Our amazing service and modern touches in our Cape Cod style inn have guests coming back every time they are in Cape Cod. Ready to come experience our fantastic area and make your own list of favorite things to do in Cape Cod? Contact our amazing staff today and let us help you plan a wonderful vacation.

Photo by: Elizabeth McClay