Getting to Nantucket from Chatham

getting to NantucketWhen coming to the Cape Cod, there are many day trips and fun activities to choose from when deciding how to spend your time with us. We at Chatham Gables Inn love helping our guests not only figure out what to do while they are here but also help them get where they want to go. For some, they enjoy staying on shore in Cape Cod and exploring our neighboring towns. However, some, for one reason or another, love exploring our outer islands, like Nantucket. Getting to Nantucket from any port in Cape Cod is very easy, it all depends on how you want to get there. Let us at Chatham Gables Inn show you how getting to Nantucket can be simple and easy as well as the perfect day trip from Chatham.

The first way to get to any island is usually by boat. Getting to Nantucket can take some time since it is 25 miles off of the coast of Cape Cod. The most popular way is by ferry. This makes getting to Nantucket a breeze as well as fun. The regular ferries can take around 2 hours to make the trip and can accommodate just about any request you have. You can choose to bring a bike or even your car if you need to. However, if you do plan on bringing your car, be sure to make a reservation for it as far in advance as you can since space is usually limited. While on the ferry be sure to relax and enjoy the ride to Nantucket. If you are getting to Nantucket and in a hurry, be sure to look into their new fast ferries. These high speed boats will get you to Nantucket in about an hour. They offer all of the same amenities as the regular ferries however they are not able to carry cars. One company you should consider using, whether you take a regular ferry or the fast ferry, is Hy-Line Cruises out of nearby Hyannis. They are focused on amazing service and customer comfort in not only their vessels but their docks as well. Be sure to stop by their Hy-Line Landing for all of your needs before getting to Nantucket. They have an amazing coffee shop, complete with a wonderful view of the docks as well as an ice cream parlor and an unbelievable raw bar with the most delicious lobster roll. Choosing to take a ferry is the most economical way of getting to Nantucket.

If you have to get to Nantucket as quickly as possible, there is another way of getting to Nantucket, it is by plane. Getting to Nantucket by plane is one of the fastest ways of getting there. Don’t think that this method of getting to Nantucket is only reserved for the wealthy. Taking a quick plane ride is something anyone can afford with one way tickets starting around $70, it’s easy to see why so many would rather spend a few extra dollars and save so much time. It’s so easy to book a ticket on Nantucket Airlines.

As you can see, when coming to Cape Cod, you really can get to anywhere easily. Getting to Nantucket from Chatham is an quick and beautiful ride either by boat or by plane. When we have visitors who want to spend a day in Nantucket, they love spending their nights with us at Chatham Gables Inn. Our outstanding service entices our customers to always choose us when they are in the area. They love staying in our rooms because not only are they so comfortable they are decorated in a true Cape Cod style which our visitors love. Each morning starts the same, with a delicious home made breakfast, the perfect way to start each day exploring Cape Cod. Contact our wonderful staff today and book a trip to come see us as well ask about which way is the best when thinking about getting to Nantucket.

Photo by: versageek