Head From Boston to Cape Cod for an Amazing Weekend

Boston to Cape CodWhen living in a big city like Boston, life can get a bit overwhelming and when that happens it is always a good idea to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Boston is situated so nicely that you will have many close options to choose from for a quick weekend getaway. Why not choose a close southern neighbor that has so many things to do? Choose Cape Cod. Getting from Boston to Cape Cod is an easy 2 hour trip which means you can leave after work on Friday and still make it in time for a dinner reservation one of the many Cape Cod towns. We at Chatham Gables Inn love helping our nearby neighbors plan a fun trip to see us, especially when Boston to Cape Cod is an easy drive. Here are some of the activities we like recommending for those coming from Boston to Cape Cod for a weekend.

Our first suggestion for those planning trips Boston to Cape Cod is to get outside. Cape Cod is a beautiful place to visit in any season of the year and the best way to get to know the area is to explore it. One of the best places to enjoy Cape Cod’s beauty is at the Cape Cod National Seashore. Ranked highly by locals and visitors it’s easy to see why everyone loves coming to this state park. There are over 40 miles of beaches, ponds, marshes, and more that all support thriving ecosystems that are waiting to teach you all about Cape Cod shores. When in the park you can walk on the beach or on one of the many available trails that run all around the park. Be sure to have a look out for their many events during the year as well. Another great way to explore Cape Cod is to see it from above. Head over to Cape Cod Airfield and book a trip to see Cape Cod by biplane. The plane used is a 1930’s replica which gives the visitor an open air view of their surroundings. One amazing option for a biplane ride is to take it at sunset. Nothing beats an amazing sunset with Cape Cod beauty.

If you enjoy a bit of history, then when you come from Boston to Cape Cod head to Provincetown’s Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. It is a known fact that the first settlers landed in today’s Provincetown first, explored Cape Cod and then headed to Plymouth for their permanent settlements. There is an amazing monument that was erected to commemorate this important voyage to the New World. The museum houses old and new exhibits that rotate out frequently and is a great stop from Boston to Cape Cod.

One of the must have meals if you are traveling from Boston to Cape Cod is a seafood dinner. The hands down best place for seafood is at Chatham Pier Fish Market. Their menu consists of easy staples like fish and chips, lobster roll, clam basket, and of course clam chowder and lobster bisque.

Of course when you travel from Boston to Cape Cod you have to bring back a memento of your trip. Head to Hyannis and their Main Street is filled with amazing local shops all with great items to help you remember your trip.

To fill your nights in Cape Cod, there are many things to do as well. However, why not unplug from life and enjoy a show? The Cape Playhouse in Dennis is a wonderful way to spend an evening. While their 2014 season is over, be sure to check in with them to see what lively plays this iconic playhouse has in store for you in 2015.

Coming from Boston to Cape Cod for a weekend, or longer, can really be just what you need to unwind and relax away from your everyday life. The best way to relax in Cape Cod is to stay with us at Chatham Gables Inn. Our unbeatable service has our clients coming back for every trip to Cape Cod. Our rooms are decorated in classic Cape Cod style and are filled with modern luxuries. Want to make your trip from Boston to Cape Cod extra special? Consider adding on one of our fantastic packages to make this a trip you won’t forget. Contact our helpful staff today and have them help you tailor a fun trip Boston to Cape Cod today.

Photo by: m10299