How Much Do You Know About Chatham History?

Chatham history
Doug Kerr / Chatham, Massachusetts / Flickr

How much do you know about Chatham history? Located in one of the most historic parts of the country, Chatham, Massachusetts has a rich and storied past. There are many stories to be told in this town that date back hundreds of years. Learn more about this wonderful town and then visit us and book a stay at Chatham Gables. Here’s a look at Chatham history.

The first European to land in the area was Samuel de Champlain who came across the Monomoyicks, a Native American tribe in 1606. Champlain mapped and scouted the area while recording the birds and wildlife. It wasn’t until later in the 1600’s when English colonists arrived in 1656. William Nickerson purchased the land from the Monomoyicks on Cape Cod and after a lengthy legal battle with the Plymouth General Court, was able to completely own the area of Chatham. He settled his family in 1664 in the area of Ryder’s Cove.

More people joined Nickerson and his family and by 1690, there were up to 17 families in the Chatham area with as many as 50 joining by the early 1700’s. The city of Chatham was incorporated in 1712 and grew to have schools and churches. Fishing was the main sustainable industry since farming in the climate was difficult. Fishing had its struggles with increasing warships from the French and English. After the French and Indian wars combined with the small pox epidemic, the population dwindled in Chatham.

After the Revolutionary War, fishing, ship building, and salt production helped lift the economy in Chatham. In Chatham history, this was an important time. Agriculture, whaling and other maritime industries helped the area grow. Throughout the 1800’s, the area continued to grow and the population rose. Chatham became a summer destination and resorts were built which attracted wealthy visitors. With a burgeoning travel industry in the 1900’s, Chatham began to have more and more houses built and a population that swelled in the summertime.

Chatham history is full of many wonderful characters and interesting tidbits. Few places in the United States have a recorded history that dates back to the 1600’s. Chatham has seen wars come and go along with the rise of industry and technology. Throughout time, Chatham history continues to grow and move forward.

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