Learn All About Barnstable History on a Walking Tour!

chany crystal / Barnstable marshes./ Flickr
chany crystal / Barnstable marshes./ Flickr

Learn all about Barnstable history on a walking tour! Barnstable history is filled with rich characters and an amazing tapestry of stories that dates back to the Plymouth Colony in the 1600’s. The area has plenty of amazing things to experience and on a walking tour, you can experience many of those great things. So don’t delay, learn more about Barnstable history on your visit to Cape Cod!

Barnstable is the largest community in Cape Cod based on population and area, making this a place you will want to visit! The area includes the village of Hyannis in its limits. The history of the area dates all the way back to 1602 and was one of the first areas settled in the Plymouth Colony. Fishing, agriculture, farming and more were the mainstays of the area.

It wasn’t until the 1800’s when the area started to become known as a tourist destination. The area was the destination for many important people through the years including the Kennedy family and John F. Kennedy.

For a great way to experience Barnstable history, try a walking tour! From April 16 to November 15, tours are available through Barnstable Village’s Haunted & History Walking Tours. In the walking tour, you will be able to hear about Barnstable history in the settling of the country, to the Revolutionary War and beyond. Learn about the different characters who have called the area home. Visit the Old Jail which dates back to 1690 and the Barnstable Tavern & Restaurant.

Tours begin nightly except Friday and Monday at 7 p.m. beginning at the U.S. Coast Guard Heritage Museum/Old Jail.

Also head to the Barnstable Village Civic Association and the Barnstable Village Business Association have put together the Barnstable Village Historic Walking Tour. There are 18 buildings that are on the self-guided tour that will give you a great idea of life in the area.

Sites on the tour include:
Captain Grey’s House
Henry Crocker House
Old Colonial Courthouse
Sturgis Library
Barnstable Institute for Savings
Barnstable Tavern
James Eldridge House
Cobb’s Hill & Universalist Cemeteries
Village Schoolhouse
Unitarian Church
Old Jail
Coast Guard Heritage Museum
Anna Child’s House/Captain Francis Hallett House
Old Colony Bank
Barnstable County Courthouse
Barnstable Comedy Club
Barnstable Historic Society
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

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