Your Guide To Touring New England Beaches

New England Beaches

 New England is home many of the most charming beaches in the nation and the Cape Cod area has countless gems on its coastline.  The Cape Cod National Seashore has 40 miles of beach, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a favorite or two during your stay at Chatham Gables Inn.

With 115 beaches on the cape, it is difficult to know where to begin. Here is just a small selection of New England beaches you can visit while you’re in Cape Cod to get you started.


Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Chatham Lighthouse Beach has some of the most beautiful views on the cape.  This beach is only accessible by bike, walking or shuttle due to parking restrictions.  But locals will tell you it is well worth the effort.  Named for the Chatham Lighthouse that sits above it, the beach is a true Atlantic New England beach.  It also happens to be a great place to watch the daily harbor seal migration or view the lighthouse and Coast Guard Station. To learn more about the Chatham Lighthouse and Chatham Coast Guard Station click here 


Hardings Beach

Hardings Beach in South Chatham is a great destination for families.  This large beach is on the Nantucket Sound, which means it has warm and calm waters perfect for swimming. Hardings Beach is also convenient, offering bathhouses and several food trucks in the parking lots.  This is a great beach to spend the day on whether you like games, swimming or kayaking.


Coast Guard Beach

Perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the US, Coast Guard Beach in Eastham is the perfect example of what makes New England beaches special. The starting point of what Henry David Thoreau called “The Great Beach” is on Coast Guard beach, a nice detail for literary buffs.  A part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Coast Guard Beach is a great place to observe wildlife such as plovers, terns and harbor seals.


North Beach

North Beach is perfect for visitors seeking tranquility and solitude. The beach is only accessible by boat, with water taxis available.  Or if you intend to make a regular trip to North Beach, you can get a permit to off-road (oversand) drive via an access road on Nauset Beach.  Camping is also possible with certain provisions.  For more information on oversand beach driving click here.


Nauset Light Beach

This broad Eastham beach is a favorite amongst walkers and cyclists. The beach is framed by a sandy scarp which rises behind it, a trademark of many New England beaches.  Nauset Light Beach also offers access to the Three Sisters lighthouses via a trail through the forest.  The beach is also home to piping plovers, an endangered species, so watch out for nest sites.


Marconi Beach

This Wellfleet beach is steeped in history and today remains one of the most beautiful and idyllic New England beaches. Taking its name from Italian inventor Marconi, it was the site of the first trans-Atlantic telecommunication in 1903.  The beach was also the site of Camp Wellfleet, an artillery training facility established in World War II.  These days beach goers enjoy the feeling of solitude provided by the sandy scarp above the beach which isolates it from the rest of the world.  There is a viewing platform at the top of the beach that allows visitors to admire the beautiful vistas of the cape.


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Photo Courtesy Ted Kerwin