Plan to Visit Nantucket This Summer

visit NantucketWhen visitors come to Cape Cod, they all have these wonderful ideas of what to do. Some of our guests at Chatham Gables Inn enjoy staying close to Chatham and seeing the sights here. We also have some other guests that like to venture out a bit more and enjoy seeing as much of Cape Cod as they possibly can. We like encouraging our guests on either side of this spectrum to enjoy Cape Cod. One part of Cape Cod that some visitors tend to leave out is a plan to visit Nantucket while they are here. There are so many ways to visit Nantucket and a lot of fun ways to spend a day there. Here are some of our top choices when it comes to formulating a plan to visit Nantucket on your next trip to Cape Cod.

Our first choice, when you plan to visit Nantucket, is to rent a bike and enjoy the warm air and see Nantucket how it’s meant to be seen, outdoors. Check out Nantucket Bike Tours where they will have everything that you will need to enjoy an afternoon in Nantucket. They have 2 tours to choose from, classic and custom, and both are amazing. Classic tours are best for those who aren’t familiar with Nantucket nor have any places they just have to see. Custom tours are great for those who have certain areas of interest or are wanting to see a side of Nantucket that they haven’t seen before. You will see from the tour guides that they are all passionate about giving those who visit Nantucket not only a great time but a wonderful way to do that in an eco-friendly manner.

Another wonderful way to visit Nantucket is to explore its history which can be found through the Nantucket Historical Association. One of the best properties within their umbrella is the Nantucket Whaling Museum. When you go to the Nantucket Whaling Museum, you will get to look at many artifacts from the past as well as a huge sperm whale skeleton which is always a popular exhibit. You will also get to see pictures of men and women who were a part of Nantucket’s whaling past.

One thing that Nantucket is known for is its amazing wine. When you plan to visit Nantucket, be sure to check out Cisco Brewers. They are in charge of Cisco Brewers, for beer, Nantucket Vineyard, for wine, and Triple Eight Distillery, for spirits. They have wonderful tours that are scheduled on their events page. If you would like to set up a private tour, that can be arranged as well. Be sure to check out how to take a bottle of your favorite wine back home with you.

A lot of our guests who chose to visit Nantucket, just want to simply relax. One way of doing that is to visit Nantucket’s beaches. Take a book and spend the day reading and hopping into the water for a quick dip when you get too warm. One popular beach is Madaket Beach, located on the western end of Nantucket. Known for spectacular sunsets, enjoy watching one after dinner and before you head back to the mainland of Cape Cod.

The last way to relax during a visit to Nantucket is to enjoy a round at one of their fantastic golf courses. One, in particular, that is fun is Miacomet Golf Club. You can rent clubs if needed to play on their course and there are golf cart rentals available as well. Be sure to check out their great rates as well. Need some help with your game? Have a lesson! As with any great golf course, when you get hungry, grab a table at their restaurant.

As you can see when you plan to visit Nantucket, you can have a great time. Having wonderful places like these are one of the many reasons why people enjoy coming to Cape Cod when they plan a vacation. When you do decide to come to Cape Cod, we hope you will consider staying with us at Chatham Gables Inn. Our wonderful B&B in Chatham is an ideal location for visitors who want something to do close by or a convenient location to explore the rest of Cape Cod. Guests love staying in our comfortable beds and our luxurious linens help put our guests to sleep with ease.  Contact our wonderful staff today and start planning a trip to Cape Cod today. Want more ideas for fun Cape Cod activities? Check out our Vacation Guide!

Photo by: Henry Zbyszynski