Plan Your Visit to Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth PlantationVisiting the Cape Cod area can be a truly exciting experience. There are so many things to see and do here that’s it’s hard to just choose one. One activity that many locals and visitors like to do is take a walk back in time. Fortunately for us at Chatham Gables Inn, we are located near an amazing plantation that shows its visitors what it was like to live in the 17th century in Plymouth, MA, Plimoth Plantation. Whether you are into history or not, this day trip is a must see for everyone in your family. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide on what to see and do while you are there.

The first thing that most visitors to Plimoth Plantation choose to do is to view what brought some of our ancestors over all those years ago, the Mayflower II. While this ship isn’t the original ship that sailed over from England, the Mayflower II was designed and developed over years and years to make sure that not only was it built similarly to its original all the way down to the wood used and the hemp rigging. Be sure to explore all over the ship so you can get a real glimpse into life on the ship.

After the ship had landed, the settlers were introduced to the native population. The same can be said at Plimoth Plantation. See how the Wampanoag lived in the 1620’s along the Massachusetts coast. You will see how they planted their crops and hunted and fished for food. Be sure to check out their houses and open fire pits using ingredients only found during that time. One thing that makes this homesite especially unique is that the people telling the stories are actual Wampanoag or from another Native American tribe.

Once the settlers got established, they built their own towns and villages, which took some time. The English Village at Plimoth Plantation is set in 1627, 7 years after the landing on Plymouth Rock. The reason why this year was selected is because this year was very well documented and could be easily re-created. The actors you will meet in the village are well versed in its history and can give you a real life view of what life was like. Definitely a treat.

While you are at Plimoth Plantation, there are some other activities that should not be missed. One is The Craft Center. Check out the tools and crafts that were made in 17th century Plymouth, MA. Some crafts include textiles, cabinet making, baking, and clay pottery. The other activity that you should not miss, especially if you love animals, is to take a stroll down to The Nye Barn and see the rare breed animals. While they are rare to us, they were common in Plymouth in the 17th century. Since their breeding population is so low Plimoth Plantation has been taking tremendous efforts to save these animals.

When it comes to history, no one re-creates it better than Plimoth Plantation. They do everything they can there to make sure that everything they do there is as genuine as possible. When visitors come to visit us at Chatham Gables Inn, we love recommend to them fun things to do, like visiting Plimoth Plantation. Come book a weekend with us and come explore Cape Cod.

Photo by: Plimoth Plantation