Several Towns in Cape Cod Are Worth Checking Out

towns in Cape CodCape Cod is a beautiful area at any time of year. There are so many towns in Cape Cod worth taking a drive to and exploring while you are here. It is best to give yourself a few days to be able to fully experience all what these towns in Cape Cod have to offer. The first question you have to ask yourself is, what are my interests? That will greatly help you determine which towns in Cape Cod would be interesting to you. We at Chatham Gables Inn love visiting all of our neighboring towns not only for our own enjoyment but also to help educate ourselves better for our guests. Here are some of our favorite neighboring towns in Cape Cod.

Let’s first start with what regions Cape Cod is broken into. There are 4 regions, Upper Cape, Mid Cape, Lower Cape, and Outer Cape. While each region is amazing on it’s own, it’s always good to know which region your intended towns in Cape Cod are so you know how far away they are.

The first town on our list of towns in Cape Cod is Yarmouthport. This town is located in Mid Cape and is a beautiful and quaint town. They are most known for their collection of antique houses, antique stores, and delicious restaurants. Here in Yarmouthport, you can also get some of the best views of whales around. In the summers, visitors flock here for their pristine beaches and gorgeous waters. Boating and fishing are popular here in any season as well.

If you are looking to visit one of the larger towns in Cape Cod, your best bet is Provincetown. Located at the northern top of Outer Cape, this town has a very active summer season where the population can reach tens of thousands and in the off season can dwindle down to the locals of just 3,000 people. This is a fantastic haven for artists and you will see many galleries and friendly artists all who love sharing their craft. There are museums and whale watching and many amazing restaurants.

Now let’s look at the most western of the towns in Cape Cod, Bourne. This town is located in Upper Cape and is an outdoorsman’s dream. Since it is located on the Cape Canal and Buzzards Bay, there are many beaches to lounge and walk on. More inland there are many amazing walking and biking trails which will afford you an opportunity to see much of the Cape Cod countryside.

Looking to stay closer to us in Chatham? Visit one of our close neighboring towns in Cape Cod, Harwich, located in Lower Cape. Harwich has been named one of the best towns in Cape Cod to bring your family to. There are so many things to do with kids while you are there. Of course you can go to the beaches but in the summer afternoons, join the locals at a Harwich Mariner’s baseball game. You can also take the kids to Brooks Park where they have go-carts and areas to play baseball. If you are without your kids, stroll along their divine streets filled with restaurants, galleries, and shops.

As you can see, the towns in Cape Cod make coming to the area an absolute dream. Each town is so unique that you really can experience a lot in a small place with just a little bit of time. While staying in Cape Cod, consider staying with us at Chatham Gables Inn. Located ideally in Chatham in Lower Cape, our B&B is a popular spot for visitors. Our inn is styled in a traditional Cape Cod manner but all of our rooms have modern luxuries that will help lull you into a deep sleep and wake each day refreshed. Start your morning with a delectable homemade breakfast. Contact our amazing staff today to book a trip to visit our amazing towns in Cape Cod.

Photo by: JD