Why You Need to Visit the Three Sisters Lighthouses

Cape Cod, MA is home to some of the nation’s most beautiful and well-known lighthouses. During your stay with us at the Chatham Gables Inn, visiting at least a few of these exquisite beacons is a must! With over a dozen lighthouses to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth the visit? We can help! While you’re planning your lighthouse tours, one that always comes highly recommended by the locals is the Three Sisters Lighthouse. This attraction consists of three 22-foot tall towers that helped guide sailors through the waters of Cape Cod nearly 200 years ago. Here is everything you need to know about the Three Sisters Lighthouses and other Cape Cod lighthouses you won’t want to miss.

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History of the Three Sisters Lighthouses

During the 1830’s, Eastham residents expressed concern over their loved ones navigating the local waters without any lighthouse guidance. In response, the Boston Marine Society requested funds from Congress to construct a new beacon. Upon receiving the grant, the builders decided to create three separate light towers. Starting out at only 15-feet tall, the lighthouses quickly earned the name “The Three Sisters” since they looked like three women in white dresses and black hats from the sea.

As the Cape Cod shores quickly changed, Congress ordered three new movable wooden lighthouses to be built more inland from the masonry ones by the shore. Eventually, the old ones fell into the sea. The new towers stood 22-feet tall, with an additional seven feet from the lantern housing. Over time, the center tower was attached to the 1875 keeper’s house while the other two fell into decommission. The towers would stay separated for many years as the center tower was eventually replaced and the other two were sold in an auction for only $3.50.

In 1975, the National Park Service finally planned to reunite the Three Sister Lighthouses, and they were placed in their original orientation on a plot of land on Cable Road.

Three Sisters Lighthouse Tour

If you want to see the Three Sisters in Eastham, MA for yourself, you’re in luck! The National Seashore Staff provides regular tours while giving you important facts about their remarkable journey. They’re also very easy to find! From Nauset Road in Eastham, turn onto Cable Road and you’ll clearly find them sitting to the left.

More Local Lighthouses That You’ll Love

The Three Sisters Lighthouses are just the beginning! There are many more Cape Cod lighthouses located within a short distance of our Chatham Inn. Here are just a few that we highly recommend.

Chatham Lighthouse

Perhaps the most popular and photographed of all the Cape Cod lighthouses, Chatham Light is located above the spectacular Chatham Light Beach. The lighthouse was once known as the “Twin Lights” due to its double towers, until one was moved to Eastham and is now Nauset Lighthouse. Today, Chatham Light is home to an active Coast Guard Station with enlisted housing on-site.  This means that there are only select times for the public to visit.

Highland Lighthouse

The Highland Lighthouse, sometimes called Cape Cod Light, is the oldest and tallest of the Cape Cod lighthouses. This point on the cape was originally established as a post by George Washington in 1797 to warn ships of the dangerous coastline.  Of course, the original wooden structure is no more, but the current structure dates back to 1847 and is only 450 feet from the original site. The grounds are open to the public year-round with guided tours of the light available from May to October.

Race Point Light

Race Point Light was the third of the Cape Cod lighthouses to be established. The iron tower lined with brick that stands today was built in 1875 and restored by the American Lighthouse Foundation.  Also on the grounds are a keeper’s house and a whistle house which have also been restored by the foundation.

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