Tour These Cape Cod Lighthouses

Cape Cod LighthousesLighthouses have symbolized safety for seafaring voyagers and captains for centuries. For thousands of years, Cape Cod Lighthouses have stood tall and strong, guiding lost seamen back to shore. Massachusetts boasts some of the loveliest and most unique lighthouse in the United States. Travel around, from Eastham to Chatham, and learn about all the Cape Cod Lighthouses and their history! Here is a list of must see lighthouses!



Start your tour of Cape Cod lighthouses in Chatham at the Stage Harbor Lighthouse. Built in 1880, the Stage Harbor is Cape Cod’s youngest lighthouse. Visitors will have the best view of the house from Harding’s beach. The lighthouse was built as an entrance to Stage Harbor and because Chatham is one of the foggiest points on the East Coast. The house cannot be toured, however, the exterior is beautiful and worth your time!



After stopping at the Stage Harbor Lighthouse, work your way up the coast to the Three Sisters Lighthouses. These three lighthouses where built because the residents of Eastham wrote to the Boston Marine Society about the many shipwrecks that were occurring offshore. In 1837, Congress collected the money to build a light in Eastham. In the end, three towers were erected to help differentiate between the Highland Light in Truro to the North and the Chatham Light in Chatham in the South. Some say that the towers resemble three girls wearing white dresses and black hats; hence, they came to be known as the Three Sisters. The Three Sisters can still be visited today.



Right next to the Three Sisters, is the Nauset Light, a red and white tower that is the logo on bags of Cape Cod Potato chips. The Nauset Light was established in 1838 and was built 48 feet tall. Climb to the top of the tower on the original circular staircase. The grounds are open all year, so stop by and see this classic Cape Cod Lighthouse! You can also access the Three Sisters via a 1/3-mile walking trail from the parking area at Nauset Light Beach.



Keep moving north towards the Highland Light, also known as the Cape Cod Light. It is one of the primary seacoast lights in Massachusetts. The lighthouse, built in 1900’s, is usually the first thing seen by voyagers from Europe. The grounds are open year-round and the light is open to the public from May until late October. Visitors can take a guided tour of the house and experience the interior of a true Cape Cod Lighthouse.



Almost at the very tip of Cape Cod, Wood End Lighthouse is now an unmanned light that sounds a loud horn to alert people of the fog. Built in 1872, this remote light can only be accessed by a long hike. Lace up your hiking boots before hitting the trail to see this gorgeous lighthouse!



Last on our tour guide to some of Cape Cod’s Lighthouse, is the Long Point Lighthouse. This 38 foot tall lighthouse marks the entrance to Province town Harbor. It shines a green light and has a fog sensor that activates a horn when fog starts to approach. The lighthouse was built in 1875 and the adjacent oil house was built in 1904. Only accessible by foot or boat, make sure you take time to walk to the lighthouse!



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Photo courtesy Kolby Michael Lirette via Wikimedia Commons.