Your Guide to the Best Cape Cod Cranberry Bog Tours

Have you ever wondered how cranberries are made? These sweet and tart berries can be a mystery to a lot of people, but it won’t be to you after reading this blog! Did you know they’re the No. 1 agricultural crop of Massachusetts? They’re particularly indigenous to our area, so why not hop on one of the many Cape Cod cranberry bog tours while you’re staying with us? Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about them and where to find some of our favorite bogs!

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Learn the Secrets of Cranberries at These 4 Cape Cod Cranberry Bogs

What Is a Cranberry Bog?

Contrary to popular belief, cranberries do not come out of the water. The only way for them to thrive is to grow in a bog, which consists of soft, marshy grounds with acidic peat soil. There are more than 14,000 acres dedicated to that purpose on Cape Cod. Farmers flood the bog with up to 18 inches of water and then use water reefs, called “egg beaters”, to loosen the berries from the vines. The berries float on the surface of the water and are corralled together before being loaded onto trucks and shipped all around the world!

When Should You Visit These Cranberry Bogs?

One thing you need to know about cranberry bogs is that they have a slow growing season that spans from April to November. If you want to enjoy your visit to the fullest and see the cranberries in their glorious ripe state, fall is the time to go!

What Are the Top Bogs To See on Cape Cod?

A.D. Makepeace Company

A.D. Makepeace Company is located in Wareham and is the world’s largest cranberry grower. It’s also the largest private property owner in eastern Massachusetts! Their exciting cranberry bog tours include a discussion of each growing season and the history of the industry. There is also a “pick-your-own” tour that allows you and your family to dry harvest your own cranberries!  

Chamberlain Farm

Chamberlain Farm is a charming and historic venue in Berkley that offers a wide variety of cranberry products. The berries are grown right on-site, which offers an authentic freshness to their creations. They also host a series of events that are open to the public. 

Flax Pond Farms

Flax Pond Farms has been producing cranberries for over a century, and you can learn all about its history when you visit their 100-acre farm and 34 acres of cranberry bogs! Make sure you check out the cranberry harvest in the fall and antique farming equipment. The highlight of the visit comes at the end when you get to taste their delicious cranberry products, including candy!

Mayflower Cranberries

Last but not least, Mayflower Cranberries is one of the most popular cranberry farms in the state and is located in Plympton. This family-owned farm boasts 23.6 acres of active cranberry bogs that attract visitors from all around the world each year. During the summer, pre-harvest tours are available to show what goes on behind the scenes during the cranberry harvest. You can also join harvest programs or attend Bogside dinners that are sure to become the highlight of your visit.

Return to Your Charming Room at Chatham Gables Inn

Chatham Gables Inn Exterior at DuskCape Cod is a unique and scenic place, and, after spending the day exploring its many cranberry bogs, it’s only suiting that you would come home to a lovely room where you can relax. Chatham Gables Inn is the ideal place for that. Our elegant bed & breakfast offers you peace, comfort, and an ideal setting for lifetime memories. Let the beauty of Cape Cod wash over you as you unplug in one of our gorgeous guest rooms, enjoy a drink by the fireplace downstairs, and spend quality time with your better half. Did we mention we serve a delicious, homemade breakfast to our guests every morning? We can’t think of a better way to start your day. 

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