What Is A Bed and Breakfast?

What Is A Bed and Breakfast?When you’re making travel plans, where you stay has a big impact on your experience. While some travelers automatically assume they should book a hotel, many overlook the benefits of staying at a local bed and breakfast like Chatham Gables Inn.  One possible reason for this is there are misconceptions about bed and breakfasts that are untrue.  But if you’re new to bed and breakfasts you might not know what to expect during your stay. So, you may find yourself asking, “ What is a bed and breakfast ?”  There are many answers to that question and we’re sure you’ll find that a bed and breakfast will suit your travel needs perfectly.


Many times the answer to the question “ What is a bed and breakfast? ” involves the inn building itself.  Often bed and breakfasts are located in renovated historic homes or buildings.  Chatham Gables Inn is set inside an historic 170 year old Sea Captain’s Manse built in 1839.  The inn has eight rooms with classic New England charm combined with modern conveniences.  A common belief about bed and breakfasts is that they don’t offer privacy and that they all have communal bathrooms.  While this may be true of a few bed and breakfasts, it certainly is not true of ours.  At Chatham Gables Inn, each room provides privacy so you can relax in comfort and the rooms have their own baths so you have a space that is all your own.


Another important part of answering “ What is a bed and breakfast ?” is, of course, breakfast. Sure, many hotels have a standard continental breakfast, but nothing compares to the morning meal you get at a bed and breakfast – it’s part of the name after all! Each morning at Chatham Gables, you’ll get a delicious full breakfast served in our garden room.  And since it’s served between 8 and 9:30 in the morning, you can start your day at your own pace.  There really is no better way to begin each your adventures on Cape Cod than with fresh baked fruit cobblers, muffins and a daily hot entree.


What makes bed and breakfasts really stand out amongst other accommodation options is the knowledge and care of the staff.  Owners and innkeepers at bed and breakfasts are generally highly knowledgable about the area you’re visiting and are enthusiastic about sharing the best attractions, restaurants and activities with guests.  So it’s like each bed and breakfast has a built-in concierge. Our goal is to make sure your time with us is as pleasant as possible, so we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.  Chatham Gables is also proud  to be a member of Select Registry, which ensures the highest quality in inns, bed and breakfasts and small luxury hotels.


An added bonus to staying at a bed and breakfast is that you’ll have access to luxury amenities. Chatham Gables has special spa-inspired touches like ZENTS Aromatherapy bath amenities and luxe towels and linens. These special touches that you otherwise would not get outside of a high end hotel are just one detail that makes staying at a bed and breakfast special.  For more information on the benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel, click here. So, next time you hear the question, “ What is a bed and breakfast ?” you’ll know the answer is, “An ideal place to stay.”