What’s Playing at The Chatham Orpheum Theater?

Chatham Orpheum TheaterAt some point in time, we all need an escape. A way to get out of our world for a while and experience something new. Some people take this idea far and travel to far off places for periods of time. However, most people enjoy escaping into a great book or a movie. Movies are a wonderful way to get away especially when you can see and hear everything right in front of you. While there are many movie theaters all across the nation, none are like our Chatham Orpheum Theater. Come take a look at why we at Chatham Gables Inn, as well as other locals, love coming to the Chatham Orpheum Theater.

The Chatham Orpheum Theater opened in 1916 and was the first, and only, movie theater in Chatham. It was successful and much loved by the community for 72 years. When it did close for a time, the community was saddened by this. Fortunately in 2011, the Chatham Orpheum Theater was reopened and once again beloved by the community of visitors and locals. The one thing that sets the Chatham Orpheum Theater apart is that while it keeps its roots and traditions, it moves with the times as well.

When you choose to see a show at the Chatham Orpheum Theater, you are in for a real treat. It all starts with the tickets. You can buy them online but why not get the old world feel for a movie theater and buy them at the box office. When you get inside be sure you come with an empty belly. You will want to stuff yourself with the treats that are available at the Chatham Orpheum Theater. You nose will immediately be drawn to the fresh popcorn that you can have topped with real butter. Have a sweet tooth? You will be pleased to see lots of delectable sweets from all sorts of local confectioners. However, if you are looking for a more substantial meal, check out the menu at Vers, the cafe inside the lobby of the Chatham Orpheum Theater that has great bites, as well as brews, that are fresh, seasonal, and of course, delicious.

Let’s move on to the main event, the movies. This also is what sets the Chatham Orpheum Theater apart from all the others, their movies. While most movie theaters are focused on filling seats with only showing the newest movies, the Chatham Orpheum Theater has a great blend of new movies, older movies, and art house films where you can have a little something for everyone. Also at the Chatham Orpheum Theater, you will find that they are entrenched in our community and have special events  and showings that are wonderful to attend.

As you can see we are a tight knit community here in Chatham. It can be seen in our friendly locals and the care they give to all of the visitors. This is one of the main reasons why so many people enjoy coming to Chatham when they take a vacation. When you do come to Chatham, we hope you will consider staying with us at Chatham Gables Inn. We too are deeply rooted in our community and strive for perfection when it comes to customer service. It is seen from the time that you book your room until you arrive and you will see it in our impeccably decorated rooms. During our high season enjoy little extras like little bites in our Garden Gallery. This is a great time to mingle with other guests and discuss the fun things that you have done that day, like a movie at the Chatham Orpheum Theater. Contact us today and let’s plan a trip to Chatham soon!

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Photo by Marc Berry Reid